The Old Woman is calm before the storm. She knows from many years of having been here that this is her moment of peace and reflection, where nothing but calmness and contentment is all there is.


This vast stretch of beautiful Mudjimba beach is one I have visited many times before, the promise of tranquil solitude enticing me back time and again. Old Woman Island has much to do with this temptation as she sits just offshore in peaceful solitude. I feel a special connection to her, one that has found me painting her on several occasions, each canvas

telling a different story. For this painting, the Island reflected to me my own sense of deep peace and wellbeing. The tranquil surroundings, with their rich textures and variable shades of blue, melting me into a dream like state. In the midst of this dream she appears like a majestic queen, with her head held high, afraid of nothing that might come her way. She speaks to me through the breeze assuring me that, come what may, right here in this very moment, there is nothing that can take my peace away. Old Woman Island knows that because of her, I will be back another day.

Calm before the storm, Old Woman Island

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