“Travels of Solitude Man” nudges the soul into remembering what it feels like to be free in this land of vast beauty and tranquil serenity.


In this fast paced, 24/7 connected world we live in, it is easy to forget what solitude really means. My inspiration for the painting came from a need to create something that speaks to our deeper selves. Spending time alone and reflecting on our thoughts and feelings is fundamental to being human, but often overlooked in our busy lives. Using a bird’s eye view, I was able to encapsulate the vast beauty and tranquil serenity of a North Western Australian beach, and a lone man having the entire

place to himself. Nature’s soundtrack plays water music in the background as gentle ripples of tide shimmer past a mangrove jungle. On the shore, with its backdrop of powdery white sand, the bare feet of the solitary man wait patiently to lap up the cool salty tonic that melts between his spread toes. The man’s gaze moves slowly, stretching across the turquoise ocean, towards the infinite horizon beyond, the promise of escapism, self-connection and soul yearning freedom just a breath of fresh air away.

The Travels of Solitary Man, The Kimberley I

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