The storm is beginning to brew out near Mudjimba, around Old Woman Island. At any moment the weather can change drastically, and all hell will break loose.


Many a time I have wandered along the stretches of sand that lay between the beaches of Marcoola and Mudjimba. Waiting and watching as the breathtaking formation of clouds accompany and act as warning of the storm that at these moments form inland by the rolling hills, slowly growing in strength and size. From inland with anger these storms make their way out to sea, to the once peaceful ocean. They erupt over Mudjimba Island producing a show so spectacular and beautiful, yet one that should be feared. I wanted to recreate that sense of foreboding, a strange feeling of unease and enchantment, stimulating my mind. I wonder what the storm has in store next for this island, lonely out at sea. Will it be lashed by the high seas or will it survive this battle, like it has many times before and return to its former state of calm and peace.

It's coming, Old Woman Island

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