Western Australia’s inland waterways that meet the ocean, a place of epic contrasts and life. Here, the rich colours of the Earth’s minerals contrast the lying vegetation and foliage with such elegance and so much savagery. This is a place, unlike any other, and it is a true wonder how a place so harsh and dangerous can provide so much beauty and wonder to the world. Spectacular contrasts encapsulate this landscape and inland waterways and here you cannot see another human for miles. Do the eagles above see all the colours of this land, and if so, do their eyes lose focus by the abundance complexity below. You feel a sense of freedom here. With so much beauty laying above the surface you cannot help but wonder what lies beneath. What are the catalysts for such rich colours in the soil, and what causes such green and bright vegetation to burst from the ground? Yes the eagle has landed, making a home amongst the mangroves of the inland waterways.

Where the Eagle soars

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